About us

Photos by Danielangela Obiacoro.  

The road to where we are today began a long time ago, when I discovered the world of music through the electric bass guitar with my cousin Miguel Ordaz. That was a time of unforgettable afternoons, making music together, learning and enjoying ourselves with no other objective than to have fun. But we soon realised that it was possible to go one step further, to build our own instrument. So around 1996 we began to exploit this fascinating world, building a first electric bass with hardly any tools and very little technical knowledge. That instrument was soon forgotten, but not what we learned, its meaning; and ready to continue where my cousin left off, I began my own project by myself, which I finished in 1997. It was a simple bass, full of mistakes and far from perfect, but without a doubt it was the spark that was necessary to awaken my curiosity to create something from zero with my own hands.


This first instrument was followed by another two projects that I had to put aside, as unexpectedly, in 1999 I was lucky enough to begin working as an apprentice in the workshop of JD Basses in Barcelona, as a vacancy had arisen. I could say that at that time I took the step from my initial stage as an apprentice to that of a professional luthier. This was a long stage, thirteen years in all, hard years of constant learning, professional and personal maturity. But it was also an exciting and thrilling stage where I discovered new materials, methods, and gained knowledge that I could never have imagined before. It was a time of meeting great colleagues like Jose Tirado, who I learned sanding techniques from, Ramón Cugat and Jordi Botella. It was a time of accumulating the necessary experience to be able to take my own road. I came in as an apprentice in everything, and in 2012 I left as a luthier ready to begin by own solo project, leaving behind maestros and companions from whom I had learned everything I know.


In 2013, after taking a personal break, I began my most ambitious project. This was also a learning stage, in which everything I always wanted to do in terms of the building and design of instruments began to take shape, little by little, in my head but now with my own voice, my own name and image. Beginning a new direction on the road that I began more than twenty years ago now, but with more company than ever, as many are the people who have collaborated to make this project a reality today. No road can be taken alone, and without these people none of this would have been possible. These words are dedicated to all of them.


The majority of the time I spend in the workshop I work alone, with my hands, evaluating and squaring up all the aspects necessary to create an instrument as perfect as possible. The search for this perfection has become an obsession over the years, which has by necessity lead me to meet different people who are specialists in their field and who have given me help when I needed it. This is why the workshop is always full of people: pupils, former-pupils or associates. I am always learning something from them all that can help to improve the instruments, to go one step further in this search for perfection.


There are many people who have contributed their time and effort to making everything work. Some are just on their way through, while others stay to create a closer association. This is why I always like to speak in the plural when I talk about the brand. Because to create a trusted team is essential for me, and necessary for any project, however easy or difficult it may be, to have the desired result.


At present, we have a large number of collaborators in the workshop: David Solé, master acoustic guitar luthier with his own brand, collaborates with us in everything related to the R+D of our own pickups and on instrument building and finishing processes. Joan Pujol, as main helper and apprentice luthier, collaborates with us in all the different phases of instrument building, including the processing and selection of wood, glueing and sanding.


My final acknowledgement is for all those people who at some time have come to the workshop to help with their time and effort in a disinterested manner, however small it may be. For me they also form a part of the team. 


David Solé, 

Master luthier and collaborator in all technical support of our proprietaty custom split-coil pickups. 

Xavier Lorita,

Master luthier. Founder and owner of Lorita Basses. 

Joan Pujol,

apprentice luthier and collaborator in everything related to wood processing and selection, making and sanding of instruments. 



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