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Ebony or Macassar fretboard ( on Revolt and Fantone )       

Bird's eye maple fretboard ( on Revolt and Fantone )                                  

Ziricote fretboard ( on Revolt and Fantone )                                                 Custom fretboard radius                                                             

Wooden ramp                                                                                               

Neck wooden Binding                                                                                    

MOP, Abalone fretboard block inlays                                                            

Wooden fretboard block inlays

Exotic wood top                                                                        

5 or more pieces neck                                                                           

Set in neck                                                                                                     


Fretless option                                                                                

Fretless with lines                                                                                        

Lefty version                                                                                                 

Onboard MIDI system                                                                                   

Gold hardware                                                                                                


Hollow-body version                                                                                   

RMC piezo saddles:   4 strings  +600€

                                        5 strings  +750€

                                        6 strings  +900€

High-gloss finish                                                                                         

Solid color body and headstock                                                                  

Dyed color body and headstock                                                                 

Solid color body                                                                                         

Dyed Color body                                                                                    

Other finishes                                                                                               

Custom electronics                                                                                      

Switch act/pas.                                                                                              

Kill switch                                                                                                      

Switch single/humbucker                                                                        

Humbucker pickups                                                                                

Steel frets ( 24 frets )                                                                       

two way truss rod                                                                                 

Wooden knobs ( each )                                                                            









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                                        4c.                   5c.                   6c.                                                                      

Element                          2.850€             3.050€             3.250€             

Majesty                          3.250€             3.450€              3.650€           

Century                          3.800€             4.000€             4.200€          

Revolt                             2.150€              2.350€              2.550€             

Fantone                          1.950€              2.150€

Century series II            3.250€             3.450€             3.650€            

Revolt series II               2.850€             3.050€             3.250€            

   * All prices in Euros, taxes included. For shipping or trade with other currencies, please contact and we             will provide you a custom quote


    *  Shipping costs not included. Please, contact to get a custom shipping quote according to destination.






* All prices in Euros, VAT included. For any option that does not appear in our price list, please contact us for a                  custom quote.

* Taxes included on custom options price list . All prices subject to change without notice with the exception of     requesting a fee for repair or as a part of a custom budget.

Lorita basses guarantee

Lorita Basses 2018 official guarantee     ( subject to change without notice )

If you are the owner of a genuine Lorita instrument you will enjoy a guarantee of 5 years against any manufacturing defect, starting from the date of purchase.


This guarantee is exclusive, personal and non-transferable for the original purchaser of the instrument, any subsequent owner of the instrument being excluded.


The guarantee covers the original purchaser of the Lorita instrument, and must not nor cannot be transferred or passed on to third persons or subsequent owners. This would signify fraud, meaning that any guarantee on the instrument is automatically invalidated.


If you observe any malfunction in your Lorita instrument, caused by defects in materials or workmanship, Lorita Basses promises to repair and/or substitute all the elements necessary for the correct working of the same.


Lorita Basses reserves the right, on prior notification, to use the materials and components available in stock to carry out these repairs if the original materials with which the instrument was built should not be available to carry out these repairs.


The 5 year total guarantee covers all the materials and labour necessary for any necessary repair due to manufacturing defects.


Insurance against theft, transport or damage to the instrument, will be charged to the owner of the instrument, and not the manufacturer.


The Lorita Basses 5 year full guarantee does not cover:


1. Instruments modified in construction or finish by their owners or subsequent owners.


2. Instruments that have suffered any kind of damage due to misuse, negligence, or accident,                     inappropriate storage or damage during transport.

3. Any damage caused by prolonged exposure to extreme conditions of humidity and/or temperature          such as fret ends that stick out in dry weather or varnish decoloration.

4. Normal wear and tear of moving parts and finishes: tuning machines, frets, strings, dents or damage     to the lacquer, discolouration of the finish due to use.

5. Repairs carried out by unqualified agents who may have caused damage to the finish or breakages         of moving parts.

6. Instruments purchased from unauthorised distributors.

7. Theft or loss of the instrument.

8. Shipping damages of any kind.


Five years guarantee against workmanship or materials defects.


One year electronics guarantee.


One year complete setup for free: adjust truss rod and string height and intonation.

* Only for genuine Lorita instrument owners.

2018 official price list ( VAT included )

( subject to change without notice )



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