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Perfection is our aim:

Twenty years of experience has made the search for a perfect instrument into quite an obsession for us, but it has also given us sufficient perspective to be aware that we must be constantly improving all our products. To attain this objective is a long road that is never easy, and requires a great deal of work, loyalty and sacrifice. But above all it is a road that is not taken alone, but as a team. The union and shared passion of various associates makes this road easier for us, and this is why we like to surround ourselves with the best.

From the moment we begin working until the final set-up, our aim is to build the perfect bass guitar, in all senses. Perfect in terms of construction, finish, ergonomics and sound, so that its new owner will enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed building it. But this road towards perfection is not easy, and depends on many factors. This is why we are constantly seeking ways to improve our design and construction techniques, in order to offer the highest possible quality in our products. A carefully studied design is just the beginning of the route. When this design is completed, we pay special attention to the execution of every detail of this design. And finally, we carefully select every component that will form a part of our instruments, according to the needs of our clients. This is the only way that we will be completely certain of being able to satisfy them.


One of our premises is to count on high range components in order to offer high range instruments, and this is why we only work with premium quality manufacturers. From the most modern Hipshot Ultralite tuning machines and bridges; from machined aluminium buttons or laser etching on the electronics covers to the acclaimed Nordstrand pickups (Fantone and Revolt series) in any of their versions. However, if you prefer, you can equip your instrument with our Lorita Custom Split-coil pickups (in the Modern Series or the Signature Series ), hand wound and finished in elegant combinations of wood. Undoubtedly, a personal touch that will give you a unique and exclusive sound.


To modulate the sound to the taste of the client, we also enjoy the aid of Glockenklang internal preamps, in both 2 and 3-band versions, manufactured exclusively for us and that can be completed with various options, such as a passive tone control, an active-passive control, or a kill-switch. The Lorita-Glockenklang preamps are without a doubt the perfect complement for our instruments, as they provide nuance, dynamics and colour to the tone, broadening and enriching the palette of sounds that the instrument itself can attain.


Together with design and components, wood is another of our priorities. The rigorous selection of each of the woods that make up our instruments is another of our highest priorities, and for this reason, we have an extensive portfolio of trusted suppliers that we have gradually enlarged over the years. Wood from all over the world comes to our workshop, always certified at origin and selected according to the highest standards of quality, and then processed by hand in our workshop in order to obtain the greatest stability, durability and tone possible. Wood is just as important for us as it is for our clients, and this is why we offer the best possible selection of woods, always bearing in mind their needs, both musical and aesthetic.

Our associates:

Pickups & Electronics


designed in collaboration  with the prestigious German bass amps brand, our onboard preamp has a very muscial voice, making your sound easy to shape. All preamps feature active/pasive modes, low noise and flexible  control layout .

2 or 3 bands eq. available, custom switching options and alone passive tone  if required. 


Our onboard preamp is "only" available from Lorita basses. 

Lorita-Glockenklang onboard preamp

* Glockenklang is registered trademark of glockenklang 

Hipshot products. High quality brass machined bass bridges and ultra lightweight aluminum tuners in all our instruments, in their different versions and finishes.

Nordstrand pickups in all our classic Fantone and Revolt series. High quality boutique pickups with a great design and sound. Character and quality for our startup series.

* nordstrand is registered trademark of nordstrand pickups


Selected woods from all over the world, treated and processed using both traditional and modern techniques. This is our guarantee for a great balance, dinamic sound instrument, once stable and long lasting.

Choose from a wide variety of exotic tops, fretboards and body woods according to your preferences in sound and aesthetics. From the brightest maple to the warmest redwwod, we will guide you to get the most appropriate combination for your style.

* hipshot is registered trademark of hipshot products, inc. 


Three pieces hard ash and hard maple necks with wenge runners and titanium reinforcements in all our basses. choose from set in, neck thr. and bolt on neck options. other custom multi-piece necks available. 

 100% handmade carved necks


Laser engraved logo in all electronics backplate, truss rod cover and pickups wooden covers. A touch of class to customize your instrument.

craftsmanship & design

Hardware & woods



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